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Most companies do not have a client problem. They have an environmental problem. That means staff may be hired when they are already burnt out from a previous employer, or they may be suffering from things like compassion fatigue. All of these things trickle down to your clients. We fix this by employing the Google Approach. We equip employees with the best possible work environment and training. Then we watch the change in their attitudes, productivity, and effectiveness with the individuals they serve. This method has worked with each company we have been fortunate enough to work beside time and time again.
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Strategy + Compliance

We provide strategy and consulting for improving compliance, maximizing your outreach efforts, and strengthening your human resources department. Our strategy comes with deliverables that we provide and not just verbal recommendations. We will equip you to continue to succeed long after we are gone.
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Human Resource

Unleash the power of your very own human resource department. Human Services has four core components: hiring, orientation, employee management, and employee exit. We help you structure a strong HR team, because Human Resources is vital to the success of your business.
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Community Outreach

Start building valuable relationships within the community. Identify your visual identity, prepare for vendor fairs, social media, and programs you would like to implement within your agency.

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